window opening with linen curtains, company founder ann rees on bench in the background - explore our linen curtains framing the view, with founder ann rees seated in the background.

crafting natural fiber for enriched living spaces

Discover the ideal fusion of elegance and responsibility at ann rees, your destination for sustainable home textiles. From our home base design location in Zurich, we offer a handpicked range of premium fabrics, trimmings, and wallcoverings, all designed to help you create a warm and natural space with ease and conscience.

At ann rees, luxury seamlessly blends with sustainability, giving you high quality home textiles that represent the best of what nature and human creativity have to offer. Through our use of natural fibers, we are committed to delivering products that don’t just speak to quality, but also respect and celebrate the earth and its resources.

portrait of company founder ann rees with beige linen curtain - explore the essence of elegance with our founder ann rees, framed by a beautiful beige linen curtain.
look beyond the ordinary

I’m Stephanie, the founder and designer behind ann rees. For more than ten years, I have worked in Zurich for renowned architecture and design companies, designing spaces in private and public buildings for both retail and hospitality clients.

For me, creating interior concepts is about understanding individuals’ needs and translating them into spaces and atmospheres matching their lifestyle. I am passionate about the endless varieties and combinations that colours and materials offer, and finding the perfect settings to fulfil my customers’ needs has always been the greatest reward in all my assignments.

We believe that exquisite textiles have the power to transform spaces into luxurious havens of comfort and style. At ann rees, we are dedicated to bringing this vision to life through our natural, sustainable home textiles that are not just products but a testament to fine craftsmanship and ethical production.

Here, we invite you to enhance your spaces with products crafted from nature's finest resources, showcasing a blend of premium quality and organic elegance.